FlexBooks is a complete solution for organizations for managing their accounting and inventory operations with its excellent options in two elements viz. Accounting & Inventory.

Salient Features

  • No need of accounting knowledge
  • Very user friendly software which can be operated by anybody who is familiar with applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • In built chart of accounts
    • Simple representation of the Account groups and Ledgers under two categories viz. Balance Sheet & Trading and Profit & Loss.
  • Choosing financial period
    • Helps manage the accounts for any required financial period.
  • Budget
    • Helps control expenses by informing the user whenever the transactions exceed the budgeted amount of the account.
  • Reverse calculation
    • exempts the user from doing the calculations and automatically generates the required values after including taxes thus avoiding complicated calculation of taxes and discounts and consequent inaccuracies.
  • Credit Limit
    • Controls the credits allowed for a party by either blocking or warning the user when any transaction violates the fixed predefined credit limit.
  • Cost Centre
    • Helps make an assessment of the cost incurred by each entities like different departments, products, persons e.t.c and thus analyzing the entities in terms of the cost and benefits.
  • Cheque management
    • Helps manage post dated cheques, which will not affect the account balances until it gets encashed. Very useful for the companies handling large number of cheques
  • Cash Movement Analysis
    • Helps retrieve all cash transactions of a party or group
  • Payables/Receivables
    • Amount payable to and receivable from debtors/creditors are unavoidable to any trading organisation. FlexBooks provides various reports to generate this information as on a particular date.
  • Ageing Reports
    • Provide the facility to get report on the pending amounts categorised into different period/duration like 15 days, 30 days etc.
  • Partial payment in Sales Invoices
    • Useful in cases of payment for Sales Invoice in different modes such as part of the amount in  Cash and balance as cheque or through credit card.
  • Stock ageing
    • Provides the information on the duration for which the stock items are remaining in stock.
  • Units, Batch, Multi-rate options
    • Helps manage inventory items normally transacted in different units/measures and rates
  • Transaction Analysis
    • Helps view all transactions of a specific period in terms of the value of the product
  • Closing stock valuation using different methods –  First-in  First-out and Net Realizable Value methods are available for stock valuation.
  • Multiple Depot option – helps companies having different godowns / van sales to maintain separate stock and generate reports accordingly
  • Sales counter and Counter wise sales report –
    •  Helps create counters and allot them to salesmen. Counter wise and salesman wise reports can also be generated.
  • Purchase and Sales Comparison
    • Helps compare purchases with sales of a specific period.
  • Multi – currency
    • helps transact in any currency and reports or books of accounts can be generated either in local currency or party’s currency
  • Exchange Rate from net
    •  Facilitates the setting of currency exchange from Internet
  • Invoice designer
    • Helps design invoices in your own way. The handy tool for designing invoices helps you insert required fields from the invoice as well as boxes and Company logo.