FlexSystems is proud to introduce its school management system called FlexSchool.

FlexSchool is a comprehensive web-based School Management Software. It is designed for better interaction among the students, parents & management.

This management software gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management.

The software being web based can be accessed from anywhere, which enables the students & the management carry out various operations.

The administration of educational institutions is a tough and demanding one. It involves the collecting, storing and sharing of mounds of data, which is a laborious and tedious task. It is also time consuming and prone to human errors when it is done manually. Worse still, retrieving a particular data can be a pretty gruelling and taxing thing. FlexSchool provides an approach to atomize academic administration and the learning process by handling all the day to day operations of the school while maintaining data integrity and efficiency of operations.


Admission’s Module: 
  • Prospective candidate applies to the school and make payment
  • Candidates fill application form after payment.
  • Admission office downloads all successful applicants from the portal.
  • The successful applicants are screened.
  • Admission office uploads screening result back to the portal.
  • Successful applicants proceeds to pay acceptance fees and school fees
  • Candidates who have successfully paid their school fees are automatically issued matriculation numbers.
payment mgmt
Payment System

This module handles all aspects of students’ payments to the school

  • Students generate payment reference by selecting payment item.
  • The generated payment reference can be paid online or through the bank.
  • The payment system is directly linked to the bank via the payment gateway for easy payment verification by the bursary department and the students.
  • Students can generate payment receipt for successful payments.
Course Registration

This module is used by the students to register for semester courses. It is designed in such a way that this single system can be used by various categories of students at the same time. E.g. Full time, part-time, sandwich etc. It is made of the following:

  • Courses are loaded to the students based on the student type
  • Courses are loaded based on the department and level of the student
  • Only candidates who have successfully paid school fees for the session can register courses.